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Metal spinning

Metal spinning is a metal working process which originates from the ancient times when the artisans produced the chalices and similar round ornaments out of sheet metal. The process itself hasn’t changed much, since many unique and more complex products are still made by hand. On the other hand there are products made on lathe machines.


Ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • casings for ventilation and air conditioning diffusers
  • casings for ventilation towers
  • round casings for the ventilation grilles
  • nozzles
  • various HVAC syphons

Work of art

  • urns
  • chalices
  • cups
  • rosettes for fencing
  • spheres and hemispheres for church towers
  • unique products on customer’s demands, etc.


  • metal plates for “kotlovina cooking” (Slovene and Croatian way of preparing meat dishes)
  • cauldrons
  • serving trays
  • pizza baking trays
  • dished ends and covers
  • dish ends and other equipment for distillery

Lighting technique

  • Sunshades and parts for the lights
  • spotlights
  • housings for streetlamps

Motor vehicles

  • components for old-timers

Why choose us?

  • We are a reliable supplier of intermediate products as well as final products with more than 50 years of tradition
  • Quick responsiveness
  • The best ratio between quality and price
  • Products a few millimeters in size, up to 1300 mm in diameter
  • With our experience we can help our customer get the desired looks and functionality of the product they ordered
  • Unique and prototypical products according to the customer’s desire

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